C3 Cyber
The focus of the C3 Cyber Division is to provide real-time solutions to the threats presented by a constantly changing global cyber environment

Clear-Cut C3 Cyber Division provides organizations with a comprehensive and wide-range of cyber security products. Our exclusive mix of products & services can be deployed quickly and efficiently. The net effect to our clientele is significant improvement in the organization’s IT security and performance; inherent to cost effectiveness. 

The C3 Cyber team is comprised of engineers and software developers, primarily recruited from the Israeli army elite cyber security unit. Our team is quick to react to real-time threats. Clear-cut management and employees pride themselves on their integrity, discreetness and dedication.



Mobile defense   -   Smartphones and tablets are being increasingly targeted by cyber-attacks due to the large volume of highly sensitive data they host and the vulnerabilities that render them relatively easy to attack and infect. More than 50% of organizations reported data loss in the past year due to insecure mobile devices. The C3 smart phone cyber protection system is a technologically advanced security product, implementing a significantly superior and comprehensive solution fully compatible with all mobile operating systems currently in use.

IT Network Security   - IT network security systems improve on customer trust, mobility, improved productivity and reduced costs. Clear-Cut’s IT Network Security products provide cutting edge monitoring and cyber protection systems for company IT networks. Our security systems are geared to today’s ever-increasing viable cyber threats and include a service package aimed at addressing an evolving global cyber environment.


 •       Cyber 101
 •       Advanced Training
 •       Cyber Simulation & War Gaming
 •       Implementation

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