C2 Consulting
The objective of the C2 Consulting Division is to support
commercial manufactures and service providers with broad platform
of strategies and products tailored to their individual needs 


The C2 Consulting Division is active in the Aerospace, Command & Control Systems  and Defense

& Security sectors. Clear-Cut builds on their talent pool of professionals and engineers to develop

exceptional solutions to today’s challenging issues. The C2 Division work together with their clients

to develop and execute strategies, improve operations and enhance cost effectiveness. 

The team at the C2 Consulting Division has worked jointly with global aerospace companies

and organizations, both in Israel and internationally. The division’s proficiencies and

professionalism include airborne & aircraft avionics, aircraft integrations, command & control

systems, simulation training, communication systems and UAV analytics and logistics.


Services Offered

                 o    RFI's and RFP's writing by multi-disciplinary teams (technology, finance, strategy, operational)
                 o    Airborne Systems Integrations
                 o    Systems requirements definition for client requirements
                 o    Human Interfaces Engineering
                 o    Systems Implementation Processes
                 o    Training and simulation services
                 o    Projects management.
                 o    Red team analysis and business strategic consulting
                 o    Marketing and business development services around the world